5 Ways to Break Creative Block


If you work in a creative field like us, you understand that there are some days where the creativity is just not flowing. You stare at your paper or screen for far too long, just trying to get some scribble of inspiration out. Everyone has these days, and when you work in a creative field, those can be some of the most stressful days of your career. However, don’t you fear; Advantage is here! Here are the top 5 ways you can keep at your creative best.

1. Hold a Meeting
“Wow…hold a meeting, you really are brilliant…” Hear us out! Let’s face it, no one wants to sit in a meeting listening to people bounce ideas back and forth, but it is not that type of meeting. Gather your creative team together and just start a conversation. It doesn’t have to be about the current situation you are facing, but just about ideas that people have been sitting on. One word in a conversation will spark something you didn’t know you had in you. That is why brainstorming is key when developing new strategies for your clients and business.

2. Sleep
Most companies frown upon leaving for an hour and going to home to take a nap, and that is not at all what we are saying to do. You shouldn’t take your work home with you, but in some cases, it’s okay to. You have this seed planted in the back of your mind and don’t know when it will start growing. Sometimes, when you fall asleep thinking very vaguely about a work issue, your mind will figure things out on its own. With that said, remember to keep a pen and paper by your bedside. Just like any dream, it will slowly dissipate away and if that idea hits you and you are unprepared, you could lose it forever.

3. Finish what you start
This is very important. Even if it is not your strongest idea, you still must follow through. Finish that graphic, that report, that anything that is hanging over your head … finish it. It may not be your best work, but a foundation is better than a blank slate. Creativity is moldable and having an outline will allow for a new path to be formed that wasn’t there before.

4. Research
Research to your own liking and content. There is nothing wrong with taking in preexisting content. This is the time you take to watch YouTube Videos, tutorials, and any other content that might be specific to your field. This will allow for you to take in ideas or see things in a new light. With this, you are strengthening your creative process and you are allowing for yourself to create a stronger understanding of your industry.

5. Do the boring work
We all want our jobs to be fun and exciting 24/7, but we all know we also have to do those little jobs that everyone hates doing because they are so monotonous. Despite your feelings towards them, they truly aren’t that pointless. When it comes down to it, your brain is on autopilot for such tasks and when it is in that state, it begins to drift. Think of it as a form of daydreaming! So, get those pointless tasks out of the way first because you may start a spark that will allow for your creativity to flow.


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