Boosting your Brand


Finding the perfect way to represent your company can be a pretty difficult task. Now, we aren’t talking about how you as a person represent your company; we are talking about how your company is viewed through the eyes of your potential clients or even current customers. How is your brand being perceived?

Branding is one of the key ingredients when it comes to your company being able to be recognized, the tone that comes across to your customers, and the overall feeling a consumer receives when they think, look, use, and recommend your company. When it comes down to it, if your product or service has a perception that most consumers find appealing, you are going to remain in the forefront of your consumer's minds!

Now, how do you find that perfect brand look? A large amount of business owners will put branding on the back burner and use whatever is the quickest and cheapest option (at that time). Your brand's budget, which includes: logo, color scheme, tone, values, mission, etc., should be as important as anything else in your company's financial budget. You should be constantly reevaluating how consumers are viewing you and how you can reach out to them, however, that does not mean you need to change your brand's identity.

Branding is huge when it comes to social media marketing. Why? Because consumers can go back, as far as they want, and see transitions of you setting up your brand. Consumers enjoy consistency and first impressions are everything. If a consumer gets a bad taste for your brand (low quality, cheap,etc…) they are not going to trust your brand, even if you are selling the greatest quality service/product on the market. The key is to hit them with the best you have, especially if you are a new company.

Imagine walking into a job interview in jeans and a t-shirt. What are your employers going to think? “Oh geez, they don’t care about this at all…”. Customers are the employer and you are the dude that thought it was okay to come in a t-shirt. Why did you think wearing that was okay? It was because you know you had what they were looking for, but they aren’t going to think you do, because of the way you represent yourself. High quality products/service do not equal a strong brand. A strong brand equals high quality product/service in the eyes of the consumer.

All in all, take time to develop a strong brand identity from the start and don’t work on it along the way. Consistency is key, consumers notice, and a strong brand equals a high-quality product/service, which will translate to even more business for you!


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